About CanAm

CanAm Bioresearch was established in 2000 as a pharmaceutical contract research organization specializing in pre-clinical discovery and development. CanAm provides custom chemical synthesis, bioanalytical, and pharmacology services. In combination with the pharmacology division, the talented team of medicinal chemists can assist clients to validate early drug candidates and further optimize lead drug candidates. CanAm offers competitive, cost-effective pricing and hands-on team work with both academic and industrial clients to achieve their research goals.


CanAm Bioresearch Positioning Statement

Main Focus on Med Chem

CanAm Bioresearch is primarily a company supporting medicinal chemistry research. It does not do medchem itself, but provides the synthetic organic chemistry to support SAR (structure activity relationships) of research programs at the stages of hit-to-lead and lead optimization, including large scale batches to enable early toxicological studies.

Hit to Lead Exercises

Served by an extensive collection of building blocks, CanAm Bioresearch is a contract research organization that can move very rapidly on generating libraries of compounds with structural diversity. These building block collections have been hand-picked to ensure drug-like properties for the ensuing bio-active molecules.

Lead Optimization

The very high level of synthetic organic chemistry at CanAm Bioresearch allows the contracting medicinal chemist to design potential drug molecules with complex structures if needed. This superior control of synthesis gives access to large unexplored areas of the molecular structures. This ability is a clear advantage for biotech, pharmaceutical companies or other life-science endeavors when it comes to patenting their potential drugs.

Synthetic Chemistry Services

Synthetic chemistry projects on scales under 1 kg are usually possible at CanAm Bioresearch. Making drug standards, analytical internal standards and other biologically active molecules is what CanAm Bioresearch focuses on. Whether the molecule possesses biological activity or not, the CanAm Bioresearch organic chemists can make it either on a custom synthesis contract, or by an FTE arrangement.

Analytical Chemistry Services

CanAm Bioresearch has a high level of skills in analytical chemistry not only because of its connection with synthetic organic chemistry, but also because it has equipment and experience in bioanalysis such as plasma level analysis, blood level analysis on tissue distribution analysis. Pharmacokinetics profiles including rat PK, mouse PK and dose-exposure level relationships are also part of our services. Using our LC-MS and LC-UV, we have the ability to perform the majority of first-line ADME analyses. In combination with our multinuclear nmr, we can also elucidate structure of metabolites and prove them by total synthesis if needed. Our services are orientated towards the fast pace of discovery, and we pride ourselves in producing PK results in only a few days from receipt of the samples. Because of our fast pace, we specialize in non-GLP work. In more advanced cases of disposition studies, we have (in collaboration with our partners) prepared tritium radiolabelled molecules and used them to analyze more in-depth the DMPK of drug substances. This was also used to determine and quantify the elimination pathway, and whether the urine and feces contain mostly the parent compound or a metabolite.

CanAm Bioresearch has also performed analyses for the determination of percentage purity of chemicals, in the form of certificates of analysis. We also have contributed analytical services to help monitor processes in the agrochemical area, and in the optimization of chemical processes where monitoring trace impurities and side-products is essential. In this context, our LC-MS has delivered key impurity profiles for chemical processes.

CanAm Bioresearch also offers compound purification services. Our large-scale Biotage, HPLC, preparative TLC, crystallization and distillation setups can help you with purifying most organic substances from milligram to kilogram scale. We are also equipped with chiral columns for enantiomeric purity determination and diastereomer and enantiomer separation.