CanAm Bioresearch offers the following biological testing services


Single cell manual patch clamp electrophysiology

  • Voltage-gated, ligand-gated and GPCR-couple targets can be assessed
  • Test compound potency, kinetics, voltage-dependence can be determined
  • Small animal harvesting surgeries can be performed to obtain primary rat and mouse cells containing your target of interest (ex. DRG, CNS cells, myocytes, etc)
  • Electrophysiological studies can be performed on customers' cell lines containing the recombinant target of interest

Tumor Cell Penetration Assay

  • Chemotherapeutic penetration into MDA mb231 human breast cancer cells can be assessed

Metabolic Stability In Hepatocytes or Microsomes

  • compounds can be tested with rat, mouse or human cryopreserved hepatocytes or microsomes
  • testing in rat or mouse fresh hepatocytes also available
  • subsequent metabolite identification and confirmation by synthesis can also be performed

Fluorescence-Based Biological Assays

  • FRET
  • Luminescence
  • Custom assay development