Synthetic Organic Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry Services

CanAm provides the following services:

Synthetic organic chemistry

  • Medicinal chemistry analogs and libraries 
    • Lead Optimization Medicinal Chemistry providing
      • Early hits validation
      • Lead optimization
      • Compound libraries using our in-house building block collections of hundreds of reagents
      • Advanced lead optimization by individual target molecule synthesis
      • Evolution of structure-activity relationship
      • Patent application dossier writing
    • Custom Synthesis - Our ability to work with a wider range of chemicals allows us to meet our client's demands from one single molecule to libraries of compounds. If you are struggling on a synthetic route, we can help to overcome synthetic difficulties to conserve your time. Our chemists are experts at designing synthetic schemes for rapid and efficient syntheses.
      • We custom synthesize:
        • Building blocks
        • Intermediates
        • Any interesting analog, active compound, natural product
        • Pre-clinical final products
      • Intermediate Scale (up to 1 Kg)
        • We have experience in sub-kilogram scale-ups. Our equipment includes:
          • Walk-in hood
          • 20 litre jacketed reactor
          • 20 litre rotary evaporator
          • 20 litre glassware
      • Radio-labeled ligand synthesis
      • Stable isotopes synthesis
      • Analytical standards

Medicinal Chemistry

CanAm has successfully fulfilled contracts from pharmaceutical companies to our client's satisfaction. We have completed projects in oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and CNS areas.

Whether you are starting a new drug discovery program or needing extra help in expediting your discovery efforts, our chemistry team is here to help. If project leadership is desired, ask for the services of our affiliate medicinal chemist who has over 25 years of experience and has led chemistry and project teams for two marketed drugs.

  • Extensive building block collections maintained in house
  • Skilled at making constrained, complex analogs
  • Skilled at creating new synthetic routes
  • Medicinal chemistry project leadership, if needed

Tracer Molecules

  • Radiolabeled - Efficient and inexpensive tritium-labelled compound design and synthesis
  • Fluorescent labeled - Various fluorophores conjugated to test compounds

Radio-labeled Liquid Synthesis

  • Request a quote for more information regarding this service