Customer Testimonials

“CanAm is an outstanding synthetic and medicinal chemistry CRO. We have worked with them for years and they have proven to be one of the strongest synthetic chemistry companies that we have come across. They have worked on a variety of complex chemical scaffolds, including macrocycles, and they continued to work out challenging synthesis and deliver highly novel compounds that added significant diversity to our internal chemical library. Their work helped us to initiate and complete several medicinal chemistry projects in an efficient and productive way. They are very easy to work with and they are able to be flexible and change direction on short notice. We will continue to work with CanAm and I would recommend them highly for any synthetic/medicinal chemistry support.”

Brian C. Shook, Ph.D. 
Senior Principal Scientist
Janssen Research and Development


“Our collaboration with CanAm Bioresearch has been vital for us. They are the best medicinal chemistry CRO we have ever worked with. They are fast in generating analogs in several chemotypes, very flexible on expanding the group as needed, and know when and how to take short-cuts to save time without sacrificing quality. This diligence helped us converge rapidly on a clinical candidate. When we were in the final stages of selection between a few compounds, they reinvented themselves into a scale-up group and made 50 grams of a 12 step synthesis compound with some unstable intermediates. The group also participated in videoconferences with a process chemistry CRO to transfer their knowledge to the group who produced several kilos of the clinical candidate using essentially their route. The team is currently generating alternate salts to be used in a capsule formulation. The same group is making excellent progress on our second demethylase target as well.

Another key aspect of the collaboration for us has been the highly flexible and competent analytical chemistry. This group created an assay for the analysis of chemically unstable metabolites of our clinical candidate, which proved vital to understanding the in vivo behavior of the compound. They also expanded this methodology to a number of biological matrices, and were able to do this with high precision. Their methods have been used in many laboratories on three continents. The analytical group also ran solid and solution stability measurements, and helped us improve our formulation and its stability.”

Lars-Ole Gerlach, Ph.D. 
Executive Vice President R&D
EpiTherapeutics ApS. 
Copenhagen, Denmark