Medicinal Chemistry CRO

Founded in 2000, CanAm Bioresearch is located in Winnipeg, Canada. CanAm Bioresearch is an established pharmaceutical contract research organization specializing in pre-clinical discovery. We provide medicinal chemistry research, chemical libraries and custom chemical synthesis services.

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CanAm Advantages

  • Highly competent and experienced research team.
  • Cost-effective services, yet faster than conventional CROs.
  • Outstanding skills on difficult chemistry.
  • Flexible and customer focused: we operate as your own chemistry department.
  • Central time zone convenient for all of North America and Europe.

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    Our research facility is equipped with the instruments and analytical procedures to accelerate drug discovery. Our team of experienced scientists can assist in designing the best strategy to suit any drug discovery need. We guarantee client confidentiality and intellectual property (IP) protection.

    CanAm's clientele includes pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions for contracts that include chemical synthesis, chemical analysis and chemical libraries.

    Contact CanAm:

    Marcus Enns
    CanAm Bioresearch

    9-1250 Waverley St.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Canada. R3T 6C6

    Phone: 204-488-1886
    Fax: 204-488-9823

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